Make a difference

Kallanai drives step change in business performance. 

We thrive at the intersection of disruptive technology and business growth. We help companies





Kallanai (Kall-an-ai') is named after a 2nd century dam (wikipedia entry). See more about Kallanai in our values section.


What We Do

Grow Revenues

Help CxOs/GMs grow their top line through operational improvements in sales, product, services, and strategic expansion through M&A and new product introductions

Accelerate Profitability

Help CxOs/GMs identify and execute key profitability improvement levers, especially at growth stage


Scale Leadership

Help CxOs/GMs scale by complementing current management on part-time or full-time secondment models

Adopt Innovation

Help CxOs bring innovations in computer science (e.g., machine llearning, Artificial Intelligence) to strategy implementations

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