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A founder-led boutique business advisory firm that drives a step change in business performance by catalyzing action. We thrive at the intersection of disruptive technology & business growth.

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case studies:

SaaS Partner Strategy | Storage GtM Diagnostic | Professional Services Business Plan | Sales Transformation | IoT PE Due diligence | Cloud Security Business Plan | Indoor wireless market adjacency | Business Unit Strategy in Data Center Market | Fortune 500 Corporate Planning

points of view:

shifting from direct to indirect GtM model | building a digitization consulting business | shortening the sales cycle in a SaaS business | building a management consulting practice | scaling a mid-sized system integrator | accelerating growth for a SaaS e-Commerce start-up | defining the role of strategy | expanding wins in Indian market to grow in western markets | building AI/ML capability in health care | shifting a service revenue stream to product revenue model | governance model for a data & analytics organization | KPIs for a Customer success organization

white papers:

Implementation challenges of AI in enterprise | Why is SaaS not for everyone

design patterns:

similarities between Insurance, Telecom, and SaaS? | shifting of control points up the hour-glass technology stack | outsourcing and cloud - what is common?